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Doctor Appointments

Our Niramaya App allows users to book appointments with qualified healthcare professionals, ensuring timely access to medical care.

Private Ambulance Services

In emergencies, our app helps users find and request private ambulance services, ensuring swift and safe transportation to medical facilities.

Laboratory Appointments

We enable individuals to schedule laboratory tests and diagnostics with accredited labs, promoting early detection and disease prevention.

Blood Availability

Niramaya App also provides a platform for users to find and request blood donations, facilitating access to life-saving blood units when needed the most.


Need To Know About Niramaya

Niramaya Health Services is a revolutionary healthcare service provider that connects the general public (patients and those in need) with essential healthcare resources through our innovative Niramaya App. We understand the challenges people face when seeking healthcare services, and we have developed a comprehensive platform that addresses these issues to save time and reduce suffering.

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Our Specialist Doctors


Easy Steps For New Patients

Both doctor's appointment and doctor appointment are acceptable for describing a medical visit. In the first case the 's, instead of showing possession, is actually showing association; appointments of this nature are associated with doctors.

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What Our Patients Say

If one of the valves in your heart becomes diseased it can affect the flow of blood. This can happen in one of two ways: valve stenosis (where the valve does not fully open and obstructs or restricts flow) or valve incompetence (where the valve does not close properly and blood is allowed to leak backwards)....

Overall Customer Ratings
Martin Philips
“ A Guardian in Emergencies: ”

"During a medical emergency, every second counts. NIRAMAYA became my guardian angel when I needed a private ambulance."

James Anderson
“ Convenience Redefined: ”

"Managing my health records and appointments has never been this convenient. NIRAMAYA's personalized health profiles make it easy."

Christina Louis
“ Simplicity Meets Healing:”

"NIRAMAYA has simplified the way I approach healthcare. From scheduling appointments to finding blood donors in emergencies."


Frequently Asked Questions?


NIRAMAYA is a comprehensive healthcare app designed to simplify and enhance the way individuals access and interact with healthcare services. From appointment scheduling to blood finding and private ambulance services, NIRAMAYA offers a one-stop solution for diverse healthcare needs.

Simply download the NIRAMAYA app, create an account, and navigate to the "Appointments" section. Select your preferred healthcare provider, choose a suitable time slot, and confirm your appointment—all at your fingertips.

Yes, NIRAMAYA provides a unique blood finding feature. Users can connect with nearby blood donors, making the process of finding blood for medical needs quicker and more efficient.

In case of emergencies, users can request private ambulance services through the app. Simply input your city, and the app will connect you with the nearest available ambulance service details.

Absolutely. NIRAMAYA prioritizes the privacy and security of user data. We employ industry-standard security measures to safeguard personal and health-related information, ensuring a secure and confidential environment.

Yes, NIRAMAYA allows users to create and manage personalized health profiles within the app. You can track appointments, test results, and other health-related information conveniently in one central location.

Users have the right to request the deletion of their data. Simply contact our support team through the app or email us at [support@niramayahealth.org], and we will guide you through the data deletion process.

NIRAMAYA collaborates only with trusted and verified healthcare providers, ambulance services, pathology labs, and blood donors. We prioritize the quality and reliability of the services available on our platform.

NIRAMAYA provides real-time updates and notifications to keep users informed about the status of their appointments, ambulance requests, and other service-related activities.

For any questions, concerns, or support, you can reach out to our dedicated support team at [support@niramayahealth.org]. We are here to assist you and ensure a seamless experience with the NIRAMAYA app.